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With tSMS, read what is really in your sample.


Sequencing By Synthesis

SeqLL provides leading‐edge RNA and DNA sequencing services and instruments. Our exclusive True Single Molecule Sequencing technology enables direct sequencing of millions of individual molecules. It does not involve PCR amplification at any stage of the process and offers simple, straight-forward Sample Prep protocols. It precisely reflects sample composition, without bias and loss of diversity & rare species.

True Single Molecule Sequencing is ideally suited for challenging applications, including low quantity, difficult or degraded samples such as cell‐free DNA, FFPE‐isolated nucleic acids, ancient DNA and forensic samples. Longer sequences are accurately assembled following shotgun sequencing using our powerful alignment software.

The tSMS platform offers maximum flexibility and avoids many of the challenges common for standard sequencing approaches. Our experienced team will work with you to develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of each specific project.

Discover The Unique Benefits of tSMS

Watch Our Video to see how True Single Molecule Sequencing works

High Accuracy Sequencing

Effective error rates are very low as errors are random and can be easily identified and eliminated by the powerful analysis engine.


Detect low abundance transcripts lost during library prep and amplification steps in other sequencing methods. tSMS is ideal for transcriptome applications, capturing the full range of transcripts from highly expressed genes to low abundance species. Sequence picogram quantities of RNA with no amplification.

Minimal Sample Preparation

Direct RNA sequencing (DRS) of polyA+ RNAs from total RNA is accomplished with minimal sample prep. After cells are lysed, polyA+ RNAs are annealed to the surface of the flow cell and sequenced.  It’s that simple.


tSMS incorporates a level of flexibility rarely seen in sequencing platforms. Our experienced team can work with you to develop innovative solutions for your specialty sequencing applications based on the powerful tSMS platform.



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