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SeqLL offers quantitative RNA and specialty DNA sequencing services utilizing True Single Molecule Sequencing (TSMS®) technology. Our services can complement mainstream sequencing approaches to help you address your toughest challenges, add additional rigor or explore poorly characterized, rare transcripts and mutations. Our goal is to enable the advancement of science by further refining what is currently understood about biology and disease.

Our testing services are fully customizable to your research needs and particular challenges. Our expert team will design a sequencing protocol that optimizes the breadth of data collected with turn-around time and cost. We can provide raw data as well as full-service bioinformatics support and summary reports. We excel in partnering with our clients to not just collect, but truly understand data generated.

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RNA Sequencing


SeqLL offers a range of quantitative RNA sequencing services including our proprietary direct RNA sequencing (DRS®), which allows customers to generate data without conversion to cDNA.

Report and raw data options

complete bioinformatics support

Customized for your needs

Competitive pricing



Global Gene Expression Studies

Unbiased and accurate quantitation of global gene expression with high dynamic range, from extremely rare transcripts to high abundance housekeeping genes.

TSMS™ Biomarker Discovery

SeqLL’s tSMS service allows the detection of subtle changes in gene expression patterns that distinguish healthy and disease states with the superior resolution.

Rare Point Mutation Detection

Rare de novo mutations in cell free RNA, Cirulating Tumor Cells & FFPE samples are identified with SeqLL’s increased detection sensitivity & higher depth of coverage.

Other Applications

Transcription Start Site Identification, Splice Variant Analysis, Allele Specific Expression Studies, Non-coding RNA Discovery & Analysis, microRNA Discovery & Analysis, And More…


  • NO Libraries
  • NO PCR Amplification
  • NO PCR Bias
  • Maintain Strandedness
  • Allele Specific Expression



SeqLL’s DRS genetic testing and mapping services is an important step forward in the RNA Sequencing world. For the first time, researchers can explore the RNA transcriptome directly as it exists In-vivo, with no conversion to cDNA or amplification required. DRS™ service captures polyadenylated RNA directly without conversion to cDNA. Sequence RNA directly from the flow cell surface.


SeqLL’s tSMS services is uniquely suited to analyze damaged or fragmented nucleic acids from formalin fixed paraffin embedded samples and other difficult sources. Sample degradation during processing or storage can be a challenge for other NGS systems.

Micro RNA Sequencing

True Single Molecule Sequencing is ideally suited to miRNA and other short RNA species.


Bring us your most challenging RNA sequencing projects. Our experienced team will work with you to design a custom program to generate the publication quality data you require. The unique research and development capabilities of the tSMS allow us to succeed where others have failed.


Transcriptome studies require quantitative sequencing in order to determine levels of gene expression for a large number of transcripts in a given sample. In many sample types, abundant but uninteresting transcripts, such as ribosomal RNA or housekeeping gene transcripts can make up the majority of the sequencing reads and can necessitate greater depth of coverage to generate enough reads of lower abundance transcripts.


In addition to the standard reverse transcriptase method using random hexamers or dT primers, SeqLL offers a not-so-random (NSR) primer approach to selectively remove high abundance transcripts from the sample during the reverse transcription step of our cDNA-based RNA-Seq protocol. Taking advantage of the high tolerance of reverse transcriptase to mis-prime, it is possible to use as few as 40 pseudo-random (PS) reverse transcription primers to decrease the rate of undesirable abundant sequences within a library without affecting the overall transcriptome diversity. (1)

(1) Courtesy of Dr. Charles Plessy, RIKEN JAPAN See Source


PS primers are simple to design and can be used to deplete specific undesirable RNAs simultaneously, thus creating a flexible tool for enriching transcriptome libraries for rare transcript sequences. Let our team work with you to create a NSR primer approach specific for your application.

DNA Sequencing


SeqLL offers a range of specialty DNA

sequencing services to address your

toughest challenges.

Report & raw data options

Complete bioinformatics support

Customized for your needs

Competitive pricing



Sequence DNA from ancient, damaged or degraded samples

Perform forensic DNA analysis

Characterize microbial diversity w/ greater dynamic range & higher sensitivity for infectious disease & microbiome

Sequence cell free DNA (CFDNA) from liquid biopsy samples

Identify point mutations and fusion events in tumor DNA samples

Capture selected sequences or gene panels directly on the flow cell surface with SeqLL’s custom Direct Capture Flow Cells

Perform single molecule ChIP-Seq to look at protein-DNA interactions at a resolution not possible before

The Benefits

  • High accuracy short read sequencing
  • Rapid, efficient & low cost sample preparation process
  • No libraries to prepare
  • Works on ultra-low quantity samples & short fragments
  • Directly sequence DNA fragments by simply tailing & sequencing
  • Results free of artificially introduced bias
  • Detect picogram level sequences from any sample type
  • Captures rare genetic material



What your sequencing is missing




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