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Our mission is to enable research breakthroughs by helping customers harness the power of True Single Molecule Sequencing. Our sequencing services, sequencing equipment and bioinformatics are backed by unsurpassed customer support and uncompromising quality.

True Single Molecule Sequencing, tSMS

tSMS enables direct parallel sequencing of millions of individual molecules. Find out how it can address common limitations of standard sequencing technologies for quantitative RNA & specialty DNA sequencing needs.

RNA Sequencing

Analyzing the differential expression of genes is a key goal of molecular biology. Find out how tSMS provides the most accurate RNA quantification available today.

DNA Sequencing

Find out how tSMS is ideally suited for challenging applications where precision is paramount, quantification is needed, sample quantity is small or samples are fragmented or degraded.


True Single Molecule Sequencing

tSMS detects millions of individual nucleotide incorporation events on single strands of DNA or RNA. Each event is labeled, imaged and then collated to produce a highly accurate sequence.

SeqLL’s True Single Molecule Sequencing technology requires no library prep or amplification. This reduces errors, eliminates sources of bias and improves turn-around time.

tSMS can accurately analyze minute quantities of substrate because its technology works on a molecular level. That means that even picogram-level samples can provide valuable data.

Our technology works on short fragments, as low as 50 base pairs. This enables the study of short genetic material or fragmented samples. Other common sequencing techniques require ~500 base pairs.


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