Daniel JonesCEO, President & Co-Founder

Mr. Jones is our co-founder serving as President and a member of our Board of Directors since our founding, and as Chief Executive Officer, since May 2018. He was elected Chairman of the Board in March 2021. Mr. Jones has over 15 years of biotechnology industry experience, including 12 plus years in single molecule sequencing research and development. Prior to founding our company, Mr. Jones held various positions at Helicos Biosciences, where his responsibilities included applications development, instrument prototyping and validation, customer support and bioinformatics analysis, as well as sales and operations. In 2008, Mr. Jones ran the first single molecule direct RNA sequencing experiments while at Helicos. Previously, Mr. Jones worked at U.S. Genomics in the Methods Development group and on development of its Trilogy 2020 Single Molecule Analyzer and Direct miRNA assays, and at EXACT Sciences on its ColoGuard assay, a non-invasive, now FDA-approved molecular diagnostic for colorectal cancer.

Mr. Jones has authored or co-authored four publications and is named on multiple patents or patent applications. He holds a B.S. degree from Trinity College and has studied biotechnology and bioinformatics at Brandeis University and the University of Massachusetts.

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