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Applied RNA-Seq Summit for Drug Discovery and Development

24 – 26 April 2018

San Francisco, CA

Applied RNA Seq for Drug Discovery & Development 2018 returns dedicated to helping you overcome the bioinformatics and computational challenges in RNA Sequencing to power your application of the technology in your drug discovery, biomarker validation and in your clinical applications.

Learn & network with the leaders utilizing the next generation of single-cell RNA sequencing to fine-tune your knowledge of the transcriptome and unlock the information within.

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SeqLL staff members may be attending conferences that we are not exhibiting in. If you would like to check if a staff member will be at a conference, please just send an email to



Learn how True Single Molecule Sequencing works and how it is different from standard sequencing approaches.

Technical Papers

Review scientific papers highlighting SeqLL’s True Single Molecule Sequencing technology and its applications.


Learn more about how SeqLL Bioinformatics can turn data into insights that address your complex biological questions.


What Your Sequence Is Missing

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