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The SeqLL bioinformatics group offers a range of options, from Basic to Custom data analysis packages that meet the unique needs of every sequencing project.



As we push the limits of NGS methods and protocols we are able to expand into broader and more sophisticated applications that address complex biological questions. The corresponding data set generated becomes larger and more complex. The old standard of applying a basic data set review may not adequately address subtle differences that your research requires. Maximizing the value of your work begins with creating a protocol that specifies all areas from specimen collection, sample processing and finally optimizing the data set review.

SeqLL bioinformatics specialists are available to work with your team from the initial planning of the methods and protocols through the sequencing stages and finally to designing the type and level of bioinformatics review that will be applied to the project. Our experienced experts combine a deep technical knowledge with experience and the latest in bioinformatics analysis programs.

In many cases proper planning will allow determination of which aspect of the project to address. True Single Molecule Sequencing allows a new level of sensitivity to be obtained without bias. Combing tSMS with the appropriate bioinformatics review can make the difference in determining the significance of low level expression molecules. This allows the researcher to then decide what parameters such as reads per sample should be increased or attention focused on other areas to determine the functional relevancy of the molecule.



The bioinformatics team can provide an advanced evaluation of the data set generated. To maximize the value of the data set, the team will work with research groups to design the final evaluation into the initial protocol.

The depth and scope that can be performed includes an in-depth analysis of the data set providing an insight into many aspects of the data that is typically overlooked or not obvious to many researchers.

Advanced Data Plots Include

Digital Gene Expression tables (DGE)

Differentially expressed genes

MW & MA plots vs Controls

Principal Component Analyses

The biological function of differentially expressed genes



Custom bioinformatics review can be created allowing more in depth mining of the data set. Functional gene information mining or comparable genomic analysis may be provided when required.

Custom reports can be created that are submissions grade and publications ready. Identification of key elements inside the data sets can be undertaken.


Learn how True Single Molecule Sequencing works and how it is different from standard sequencing approaches.

Technical Papers

Review scientific papers highlighting SeqLL’s True Single Molecule Sequencing technology and its applications.


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