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Our core technology at SeqLL is based upon the Unmatched Performance of True Single Molecule Sequencing.   Utilizing our fleet of Helicos Single Molecule sequencers, we offer our customers unmatched access to single molecule data.

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Sequence the Lower Limit

  • Process does not require ligation, PCR amplification, or lengthy library preparation procedures
  • We sequence independent molecules and provide informative content rather than sequencing copies of copies
  • Avoids bias, loss of complexity, and under-representation of rare transcripts
  • Every molecule has an equal chance of making it to the flow cell surface for imaging
  • Consistent, accurate, and quantitative
  • Precise, unbiased measurements and low sample quantities are the strengths of tSMS™
  • Results are highly correlated and reproducible with >0.99 R^2 values and are very accurate to 1 read per million or less
Single Molecule Sequencing Equipment

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  • The Evolution and Future of True Single Molecule Sequencing

The Evolution and Future of True Single Molecule Sequencing

  • July 1st, 2014

DNA sequencing has undergone a revolution within the last fifty years. Beginning in the late 1970s, researchers have been improving the way we sequence DNA and trying to provide accurate results at a higher throughput.  The first generation of DNA sequencing technology, Sanger Sequencing, involved adhering nucleotides (dNTPs) and modified nucleotides (ddNTPs) to a template strand [Read More »]

  • Understanding VlincRNA

Understanding VlincRNA

  • July 1st, 2014

As they continue to disprove the veracity of the “junk DNA” claim, researchers have turned their attention towards its transcriptional product—dark matter RNA. Their studies have shown that the relative mass of dark matter RNA can actually be greater than that of the domineering protein-coding RNA transcripts. This information in and of itself shows that dark matter [Read More »]

What Clients Say

After experiencing the breadth and depth of coverage from the Helicos tSMS™ RNA-Seq technology, it became clear that these data will progressively replace microarray-based profiling. In our human blood profiling studies, we’re getting 10 times the information, at digital precision, for a similar cost by utilizing SeqLL’s services.

Tim McCaffrey, PhD - Director, Division of Genomic Medicine, The George Washington University Medical Center

Thank you, SeqLL, for continuing your outstanding support of our research by providing the best in sequencing services. As our recent publications attest, we have found that no other technology can match Helicos tSMS™ for high quality, publishable RNAseq findings. In addition, we appreciate the attention to detail and responsiveness that your organization provides.

Georges St. Laurent III, Scientific Director, St. Laurent Institute

Sequence The Lower Limit