Lee DaltonDirector of Sales

Lee brings a broad range of experience in understanding and then aligning customer requirements
and needs with the right tools to create the right technical solution. Prior to joining SeqLL, Lee has
served in positions of increasing responsibility in CMO organizations such as General Electric
Healthcare, Abazyme and Unisyn. He worked closely with customers to understand the scope of
work required to deliver recombinant antibodies and proteins for discovery and development
programs as well as bulk API for clinical research. With CRO organizations such as Cambridge
Biomedical he worked directly with biotechnology and biopharmaceutical customers to support
assay development efforts. Here he focused on solutions starting at biomarker discovery and
mechanisms of action or target identification and validation into development ending with assays
that could be validated for clinical and commercial use. Initially he matched his chemistry
background with skills in understand how to transfer established manual assay protocols to
automated processes at Zymark, a leader supplying laboratory robotics.

Mr. Dalton holds a BSc in chemistry from Framingham University.


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