SeqLL Installs true Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS®) Instrument to support oncology research by Dr. David Ting, MD at the Harvard-MGH Cancer Center

Wednesday, November 3, 2017


WOBURN, MA ‐‐ SeqLL, LLC announced today that it has installed a true Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS) Instrument at the Harvard‐MGH Cancer Center to support oncology research conducted by Dr. David Ting, MD. Dr. Ting is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a medical oncologist with a focus on gastrointestinal malignancies. The Ting laboratory utilizes RNA‐sequencing and RNA in situ hybridization technologies to understand the complex transcriptional landscape of cancers. The laboratory has used these technologies to identify non‐coding RNA (ncRNA) sequences that are differentially expressed in cancer versus normal tissues. This work led to the identification of repeat ncRNAs that were aberrantly expressed across all major epithelial cancers and has opened the door to a new area of research that has the opportunity to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets.
Accurate and reproducible RNA transcriptome analysis has traditionally been challenging for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms due to errors associated with reverse transcription, amplification and manipulations during library preparation. The detection of low fold changes and identification of rare transcripts remains difficult on these platforms, particularly when using FFPE and other degraded or low input sample types. SeqLL tSMS technology sequences individual strands of first strand cDNA or RNA directly, without amplification or library prep, providing accurate RNA sequence information that reflects the true information content of each sample without introduced bias or sample loss.
“SeqLL is extremely pleased that Dr. Ting has chosen the tSMS platform to continue his research into pancreatic cancer. David is conducting groundbreaking research and SeqLL is excited to be able to provide the level of accuracy, reproducibility and unbiased molecule counting capabilities necessary for this work,” said Dr. Elizabeth E. Reczek, CEO of SeqLL.

About SeqLL and tSMS
Located in Woburn, MA, SeqLL, LLC was founded in 2013 to bring a range of discovery and development services, based on the company’s proprietary true Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS) platform, to the research and healthcare communities. tSMS enables direct parallel sequencing of millions of individual molecules. Sample composition is precisely determined without bias or loss of diversity via a simple, integrated workflow. tSMS can deliver linear quantification over a 5‐log range and sensitivity to 1.2‐1.5‐fold differences in expression levels. It is ideal for fragment sizes as low as 25 base pairs and can yield valuable data from even picogram‐level input.

About David Ting, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA Principal Investigator, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Charlestown, MA
Assistant Physician, Hematology/Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Boston, MA
Dr. Ting is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a medical oncologist with a focus on gastrointestinal malignancies at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center. After receiving undergraduate degrees in chemical engineering and biology from M.I.T., he completed his medical degree at Harvard Medical School. He completed internal medicine residency at the MGH and medical oncology fellowship in the combined Dana Farber Cancer Institute and MGH Cancer Center program. During his undergraduate and medical training, Dr. Ting trained with Robert Langer in the MIT Chemical Engineering Department working on nucleic acid delivery vehicles and George Daley at the Whitehead Institute on stem cell biology. He performed his post‐doctoral training with Daniel Haber at the MGH Cancer Center, where he began work characterizing circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and primary tumors with RNA‐sequencing.
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