SeqLL Expands Early Access Program for New True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS™) Benchtop System

SeqLL Expands Early Access Program for New true Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS™) Benchtop System

Quantitative sequencing platform addresses limitations of other sequencing technologies.

WOBURN, MA — SeqLL, LLC today announced expansion of its Early Access Program for its new sequencing platform. Due to the favorable response received from the sequencing community, all the initial systems placed into the program have been assigned. The institutions that will participate include biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies as well as leading academic and medical research centers. The most common reasons for participation included: the need for increased sensitivity (detection of expression level changes as low at 1.3-1.5 fold; higher accuracy (no amplification bias); consistent performance related to varying sample heterogeneity; elimination of sample library preparation and direct RNA sequencing capability; greater flexibility across sample types (such as FFPE treated samples and cell free nucleic acids); and the only viable and proven alternative to the sequencing technology the use.

The launch of the tSMS System Early Access Program gives researchers priority access to SeqLL’s proprietary, quantitative sequencing platform. This benchtop system has been designed to deliver unparalleled quantitative RNA and specialty DNA sequencing results to both academic and industry research partners. tSMS has the capacity to detect low-fold changes and discover rare transcripts that are missed by other sequencing methods while also sequencing challenging samples such as short or degraded FFPE tissue and ultra-low input samples. The SeqLL tSMS platform is the first to offer Direct RNA Sequencing (DRSTM) capabilities. View the brochure.

“Our Early Access Program will allow our research partners to gain hands on experience with tSMS technology to discover for themselves how a single molecule sequencing approach, free from amplification or library preparation, can drastically improve the quality of their data” states Elizabeth Reczek, Ph.D., CEO at SeqLL. “Our vision is to bring this proprietary, amplification-free technology to market in mid-2017, backed by a commitment to unsurpassed customer support and uncompromising quality.”

About the Early Access Program

SeqLL’s Early Access Program will run through mid-2017. SeqLL is now seeking to expand the number of collaborators agreeing to field test beta versions of the new tSMS sequencing system. Data generated from the Early Access Program will be used to optimize the ease of use and training materials in support of the 2017 commercial launch of the tSMS Benchtop System. Priority will be given to collaborators with a near term research project that would benefit from the unique capabilities of the tSMS platform to generate superior and/or complimentary results to other sequencing approaches.

About tSMS
SeqLL’s exclusive true Single Molecule Sequencing platform enables direct parallel sequencing of millions of individual molecules. This novel amplification-free technology precisely reflects sample composition without bias and loss of diversity via a simple, integrated workflow and benchtop instrument design. In contrast with other technologies, sample preparation is minimized to as little as 3 steps. The tSMS platform can deliver linear quantification over a 5-log range and sensitivity to 1.3-1.5-fold differences in expression levels. It is ideal for fragment sizes as low as 50 base pairs and can yield valuable data from even picogram-level input.

About SeqLL
Located in Woburn, MA, SeqLL, LLC was founded in 2013 to bring a new breed of next generation sequencing technology, true Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS), to the research and healthcare communities. SeqLL currently offers its amplification-free transcriptome profiling, specialty DNA analysis and bioinformatics on a service basis.

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