2014 Publications

An atlas of active enhancers across human cell types and tissues
Andersson R, Gebhard C, Miguel-Escalada I, Hoof I, Bornholdt J et al.

A promoter-level mammalian expression atlas
The FANTOM Consortium and the RIKEN PMI and CLST (DGT)

Global Analysis of mRNA Isoform Half-Lives Reveals Stabilizing and Destabilizing Elements in Yeast
Geisberg J, Moqtaderi Z, Fan X, Ozsolak F, Struhl K

Quantitative polyadenylation site mapping with single-molecule direct RNA sequencing.
Ozsolak F.
Methods Molecular Biology

Transcription Termination and Chimeric RNA Formation Controlled by Arabidopsis thaliana FPA
Duc C, Sherstnev A, Cole C, Barton GJ, Simpson GG
PLOS Genetics

Filaggrin-stratified Transcriptomic Analysis of Pediatric Skin Identifies Mechanistic Pathways in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis
Cole C, Kroboth K, Schurch NJ, Sandilands A, Sherstnev A, O’Regan GM, Watson RM, Irwin McLean WH,Barton GJ, Irvine AD, Brown SJ
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology