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SeqLL was founded in 2013 to bring a new breed of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology, True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS), to the research and healthcare communities. By bringing together top-level scientists and engineers with extensive expertise in tSMS technology, SeqLL is uniquely positioned to address gaps left by standard sequencing technologies in RNA transcriptome analysis, specialty DNA analysis & beyond.


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We are committed to the success of our customers. With every product, service, solution & customer interaction is our promise for unmatched insight, value, performance, quality & excellence.

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We know the best solutions and greatest innovations are achieved through active collaboration with colleagues and customers. We achieve breakthroughs by building lasting relationships, learning from people representing a wide range of knowledge bases and cultures, respecting every person in all interactions, and helping each other.

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We are driven to follow through on our commitments and execute them well. We willingly accept responsibility for our choices and mistakes and commit to continuous improvement. We recognize that ownership in our work impacts the confidence and dependability stakeholders place in us.

Integrity .

We are trustworthy and honorable in our intentions, words, and actions. We operate in an honest and forthright manner where all our representations are accurate, complete and result in doing the right things. We uphold the highest level of professional & business ethics.

“Science is our passion, Customer service is our priority”

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Dan Jones co-founded SeqLL in 2013 in order to expand the applications of True Single Molecule Sequencing (tSMS) technology. The greater sensitivity, improved accuracy and reduced bias of tSMS makes it ideal for many critical applications such as RNA quantification and analysis of small size genetic material.

Dan, in partnership with the St. Laurent Institute, licensed technology from Helicos in 2013. SeqLL was built to optimize this core technology to focus on specialty sequencing applications, and to improve efficiency, functionality and reliability. Major improvements have been made in design, optical and computing power, and quality.

As a result, SeqLL became the first company to offer direct RNA sequencing, has become a trusted research partner to multiple institutions and is preparing to launch its new True Single Molecule Sequencing system in 2017.

The company continues to value and expand the collaborations that were set up with key opinion leaders in the sequencing field in order to support their efforts, leverage their success and expand the range of applications for tSMS technology. We are proud of the new techniques we have optimized such as DRS (Direct RNA Sequencing) and our RNA-DNA Seq protocols which allow us to provide sequencing without the bias of amplification. This has already resulted in identification of species of bacteria in samples that were otherwise overlooked due to amplification biases. Minimizing the sample preparation steps allows us to not only look at smaller amounts of samples but also a wider range of degraded DNA and RNA.

We look forward to continuing to build on our collaborations with key users in the sequencing field and believe that Single Molecule Sequencing will be the key technology for many short read applications.

As you look for commonalities amongst most of the successful companies, customer service is a common element. There are few companies that were built solely on proprietary products and fewer that remained in a dominant position based only on the technology and products they offer.

In the biotechnology market, customer service requirements are carried to a higher level. Responsive customer service is only the baseline. Strong relationships are built on performance and trust. Many small biotech firms are betting their equity on a vendor’s ability to meet timeline and budgets. At the large pharmaceutical companies, many times, people are betting their careers on the performance of their vendors.

Our management team believes offering a solid product at a reasonable price is only the beginning. It is imperative that all of our employees understand that management does not pay their salaries, our customers do. Therefore when a customer, day or night, needs help, it is our responsibility to do what we can to help them meet their goals. This even more critical with our international customers who are thousands of miles away and many times zones removed. We have to execute on all levels: manufacturing has to make and deliver high quality products on time; our scientists have to stay abreast of new applications and keep our products ahead of the technology curve and just as important we have to maintain a culture where everyone, from our interns to our CEO, understands that there is no compromise in quality or service.

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